Polish Carpathians Charming Our Pants Off

Hello, friends, families, and strangers.

One of Tatra National Park’s most famous attractions, Morskie Oko.

Last week’s story was pretty intense so what do you say we just enjoy some pretty photos of Poland’s charming little Carpathian tourist town, Zakopane?

(If you’re inclined, click here to listen to a Polish folk song while you scroll.)

Here’s the charming Airbnb where we stayed.
A few charming little shepherd’s huts scattered about a valley in Tatra National Park.
After last week’s intensity, we went full tourist mode and went along with the crowds trekking in the mountains and having beers at charming little villas in the park.
A wonderful place for a picnic lunch.
A lovely view of Slovakia.
My husband, looking epic.
Back in town, checking out tomorrow’s trails while enjoying the charming town. Note lens grease from fried potato pancakes being hawked on the street.
Back on the tourist trail, ladies taking pictures by a restaurant over a stream.
This is a restaurant that emulates a Polish wedding with candlelight, full buffet, dancing, and a live band.
Some of the other charming accommodation options near this delightful national park. 
This was really fun. Thanks for stopping by. See you next week!

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