Step Into My Office: Minca, Palomino

I wrote this from the side of a pool one hundred feet from the Caribbean sea.

Enjoying a slower work week at the office.

The Caribbean coast has been a wonderful place to work, except for some Internet mishaps. Last week I slayed a huge deadline while reporting on a tumultuous financial market, and taking on a little copywriting to boot.

All with the view of a mountain valley, hummingbirds darting hither and thither.

Slaying a deadline at my desk here.

I couldn’t fully relax by the pool. I had just written a 2,500 word investigation into Alzheimer’s disease, while spending six or seven hours a day reading financial reports and legal documents. But I can’t think of a more rewarding career.

On the weekend we hiked into the tropical dry forest and bathed in snow-cold pools under waterfalls. We also took a trip to a coastal national park and hiked through the woods until we came to the pristine turquoise waters by the coast. We sipped freshly squeezed orange juice, and I shot a picture of a cup of ceviche for Vice.

We escaped the heat by swimming in waterfall pools fed by the snowy mountains furthur south. They were cold!

Last week’s assignment – Aaron investigated the rigors of the seafood cuisine scene in the little beachside tourist hamlet of Palomino, which is where my poolside deck lounge was, and where beautiful young backpackers meandered about in their bathing wear. Also where I meditated at sunrise by the steadily rhythmic sea.

Taking a stroll after work on the beach where I enjoyed morning meditation.

I hope I haven’t just alienated our beloved winter-bound friends and family back home.


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