Leaving Bolivia: Epic Feast, and Preparing for Patagonia

We are saying goodbye to Bolivia, for now.

But we’ll be back pretty soon! We’re coming back to southern Bolivia after a month in Chile. We’ve got an exciting adventure ahead of us, from now until we get back to Ecuador in March.

Tonight we have a 3 am flight to Lima, an 11 hour layover there, and then we are heading to a place that both of us, separately, have dreamed of visiting for a long time – Patagonia!

We will hike for 10 days in Torres Del Paine national park.

How are we preparing ourselves?

For one thing, I spent two days cooking an elaborate meal for our Airbnb hosts, consisting of lentil burgers, vegan brioche buns made from scratch, baked herb potato fries with homemade ketchup, and banana neapolitan nice cream.

It was an all-Amercan meal without the heart attack – lentil and chickpea burger on a vegan, whole wheat brioche bun, topped with mango pico de gallo, served with baked herb fries and homemade ketchup.

It was super delicious. Click here for the Vegan Corner’s vegan burger playlist, where I got these exquisite recipes.

Our beautiful spread included garden salad with a mustard vinaigrette, and for dessert, chilled and creamed bananas neopolitan – coconut, strawberry, and chocolate.

We also got Aaron’s laptop repaired. Turns out, it was crashing because two months of living in dusty places in Ecuador and Peru really gunked it up inside, and the system’s safety mechanism was shutting it down before it overheated. We are heading to Chile with functioning technology and a potentially rapid Internet connection. The blog was waiting for this – too bad we’re voluntarily sequestering ourselves in the backcountry for two weeks.

Tonight we pack and we might go for a hike in a canyon here in La Paz, then a delicious final meal at a gourmet vegan restaurant called the Red Monkey, and maybe we’ll go to the movies to kill time before our flight. We’re also going to a grocery store and purchasing a whole lot of dried, instant food for our hike.

Last time we went to La Paz gourmet vegan restaurant Red Monkey, our meal included a buckwheat crepe stuffed with crispy tofu, served with coconut cream “cheese” and grilled bell peppers, topped with pesto.

See you next week in Patagonia!

IMG_6655 - Copy
Sunset over Lake Titicaca on Isla del Sol. Ciao for now, Bolivia. We enjoyed this country so much that we will come back in January.


  1. That food looks delicious – but probably way too healthy! I see wine on the table….so that’s some good news to red—–people. Almost makes me wish I were there and not in boring Nevis…


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