Tragedy Strikes Our Adventure

We’ve been having a great time in La Paz, but our journey has been struck by tragedy.

On Monday, November 23, we found out that Aaron’s best friend was killed in a hit-and-run.

Allegedly he was walking down the highway near his home in Corvallis, Oregon, mid-Sunday morning when he was struck by a car.

Aaron is devastated.

We’re continuing on our travels, one because Shiloh, a traveler himself, supported our journey, and would want us to squeeze all the juiciness out of life we can, the way he did.

Two, Shiloh was buried on Wednesday and even if we wanted to, there wouldn’t be enough time to arrive in Oregon in time for the services. We will go visit his grave and his family when we return.

We are heading to a little town for a few days to unplug, walk, and relax. It was originally meant to be a respite from all the work we’ve been doing. We’ve been so lucky to have plenty of steady work since we started our adventure, let alone all the stories we’ve been gathering along the way to pitch to various publications. But it’s time for a break.

A rest is in order, and I think Aaron can use some time on trails, in a quiet town, to reflect.

This post was originally going to be an exuberant celebration of the amazing city that La Paz is; I hope to write that story next week. For now, we are taking a rest – and taking time to be so, so grateful for the friends and family we love so deeply, even though we are far away this Thanksgiving.IMG_5109

Love, love, love and cherish the people around with breathtaking depth, because life is precious and can be snuffed in an instant. May I treat all people with loving kindness, so regret will never take hold in my heart.

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